Janice Munt Candidate Statement

Putting members first and giving you a voice is why I’m asking for your support.

Putting members first is when you, a family member or close friend, breaks down on the side of the road and you need fast, effective help to keep you out of danger and get you on your way.

Putting members first is peace of mind.  As an example, making sure that if my daughter’s car breaks down and she needs help, it arrives quickly to keep her safe and get her on her way.  And, putting members first is when there’s been a disaster at home and you need a helping hand; a rapid, efficient and professional insurance response kicks in to safeguard your family and your home.  This is how RACV service should be and it’s the service you deserve and pay for.

RACV members need a direct voice on the RACV Board and it’s time for you to have that voice. With your support, I will always put members first.