Commuters see RED as most congested roads revealed

For the first time RACV has used state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint Victoria’s 10 most congested roads as part of its biennial Redspot survey. This year the worst road sections have been revealed using 14 million separate pieces of data fed constantly from sensors fitted to vehicles.

This technology means the 2018 Redspot survey is the most accurate snapshot captured since the survey began in 1991 which until now has relied entirely on commuter feedback.

The pressure points revealed are across metro Melbourne and show the average speed drivers travel during peak and off-peak times. In several places, 60 km/h zones have been slowed down to a crawl of 20 km/h or less during commute peak times.

RACV Mobility Advocacy Manager, Dave Jones, said the innovative software analyses the information to create an unprecedented view of Melbourne’s traffic.

“Melbourne’s booming population has changed traffic patterns and we’re now able to get a clearer picture of this by using high tech information. The morning and afternoon peak times have actually expanded under the pressure of growing numbers of drivers,” said Mr Jones.

“It’s no longer peak between 7.30am to 8.30am and 5.00pm to 6.00pm. The morning peak now stretches an additional 90 minutes from 6.30am to 9.00am and the afternoon peak runs from 3.00pm to 6.30pm, adding 2 and a half hours at the end of the day.

“Our analysis highlights the 10 most congested roads but we are keen to hear from commuters to tell us which of these frustrate them the most,” he said.

Some of the congested roads have been earmarked for improvements by the State Government however impending roadworks will continue to add to delays. Some are slow because they are vibrant shopping strips.

“What we learn from the survey will help us bring issues to the attention of decision makers, so it’s vital we hear from commuters about the problems directly,” he said.

From 2006-2016, the top Redspot issues identified by the RACV survey has led to Governments spending around $1.2 billion dollars to fix them.

Drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, bus and tram users along with pedestrians are encouraged to have their say about the ten most congested roads by visiting by Monday 2 July.

Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
May 29, 2018