RACV assistance patrols kept busy 24-7

Almost 650,000 stranded motorists were rescued in Metropolitan Melbourne by RACV last financial year.

RACV responded to an average 1,780 metropolitan calls every day in 2015-16. Patrols also attended another 300,000 incidents in regional Victoria during the year.

RACV General Manager Motoring, Gordon Oakley said battery problems were the most common cause for call-outs

“Battery incidents accounted for almost half the metropolitan call-outs. Our patrols also changed close to 65,000 tyres, which totalled 12 per cent of incidents,” Mr Oakley said.

Vehicle problems in central Melbourne triggered the highest number of call-outs. The area tallied 6,618, ahead of Frankston with 5,517 and 4,731 in Preston.

“RACV operates more than 200 emergency roadside assistance vans throughout Melbourne and a further 200 in regional Victoria. We also maintain 70 dedicated battery replacement and service vehicles,” Mr Oakley said.

“Statewide, we engage the services of more than 300 tow trucks and 150 professionally-run mechanical service centres to meet our members’ service and repair needs.”

Members travelling interstate also have the peace of mind that through our national network they will be covered for breakdowns any time of the day in any location across Australia.

Mr Oakley said an RACV survey had revealed that most respondents who were not covered by emergency roadside assistance lacked the knowledge to help with a flat tyre or battery problem.

“These were the two most common roadside issues experienced by survey participants, yet 43 per cent could not change a flat tyre and 67 per cent had been unable to solve a battery problem,” he said.

“While these participants said they turned to their partner (45 per cent), father (31 per cent) or friend (12 per cent) if they broke down, we know that nothing can beat trusted professional help.

“Victorians are increasingly looking to RACV in their times of need and the service now covers more than 1.7 million vehicles, including 460,000 protected by premium roadside products.”

Written by Liselotte Geary, RACV Public Affairs, 9790 2717
November 22, 2016