Latest service updates

In line with government advice, the following RACV services are open and operating with COVID-Safe requirements in place:

  • RACV Resorts and Club
  • RACV Trades
  • Home Security installations and services
  • RACV Solar installations and services
  • Drive School

Read our recent announcement on vaccination requirements for our staff (PDF, 55 KB).

There are a few changes to the way RACV Resorts, properties and retail stores operate to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Here’s what you can expect next time you visit.

  1. Before you arrive

  2. When you arrive

    • Wear a face mask when required
    • Follow the latest COVID-Safe guidelines
  3. While you’re here

    • Maintain a 1.5m distance
    • Reduce contact with cashless payments
    • Let us know if you see something unsafe

When we visit you to assist at home or on the road, we’ll take every precaution to keep everyone COVID-Safe. Here’s what you can expect, and how to get ready.

  1. Before we arrive

    • When you call, we’ll ask you to notify us if there is a COVID-19 risk at the property
    • We’ll work with you to assess the risk and determine how to proceed safely
    • If anything changes before your booking date, let us know
  2. When we arrive

    • We’ll ask a few standard safety questions to assess if there is a COVID-19 risk onsite
    • We ask that you wear a face mask when required
    • Follow the latest COVID-Safe guidelines
  3. While we’re there

    • We’ll wear a mask when required
    • Maintain at least a 1.5m distance
    • Minimise contact with surfaces and clean regularly where contact is required
    • Reduce contact with cashless payments and electronic documents

Our hygiene and safety standards are in place to make your interactions with us, and each other, safe. 

Staff vaccination

Our frontline staff are vaccinated in line with government requirements to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff, our Members and all those we interact with.

Face masks

Masks must be worn in line with guidelines.

Physical distancing

We’re continuing to follow social distancing guidelines across all our venues and services.

Hygiene and cleaning

We’re continuing to provide increased cleaning and hand sanitiser stations.

In addition to your cooperation with our public health and physical distancing measures, we ask that you reschedule your visit to RACV locations and postpone any service bookings if you:

  • Are feeling unwell and displaying cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Are required to self-isolate.

If you need help rescheduling, give us a call.