Help the Grid FAQs


Who can participate in the trial?

The RACV Help the Grid program is available to all Victorians who have an individual NMI number for their property, and are not currently involved in any other demand response program. Some households, in particular apartment buildings do not have an individual NMI number. The easiest way to check if you have an NMI number is to look at your latest electricity bill


Where do you get the data from?

RACV receives your data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). To do this we share your National Meter Identifier with AEMO in order to receive the savings by RACV members.

What do you use my data for?

RACV uses your data to analyse the impact and overall reduction of energy contributed by RACV members during the Help the Grid program.


I was not home. Why did I use energy?

While you are away, or not using much electricity, you will still be charged the daily supply charge which is a set amount for each day. Also, appliances such as fridges and pool pumps will continue to use electricity e.g. the average fridge costs 19 cents per day to run.