Tips to Help Reduce Energy Consumption





Air Conditioner

2-3 kWh

Air conditioners use a lot of power. Completely turning off your air conditioner, or setting the temperature higher than usual will help you reduce your energy consumption by 2 – 3 kWh.



Running your dishwasher outside of an Event will help to reduce your energy consumption by around 1kWh.

Washing Machine

1 kWh

Washing machines (and dryers) use lots of energy. Not using these during an event could reduce your usage by 1 kWh.


.05 kWh

Turning off one halogen downlight is an easy way to save electrcity and can save you .05 kWh every hour.

Electric Oven

1 kWh

Using an electric oven for an hour can use 1 kWh every hour. Try making a meal that doesn’t use the oven for energy conservation, or even go out for dinner!