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Traffic and trams move along the road

Congestion is choking our roads. Every minute we spend stuck in the car, on a tram or a bus, is time that could have been spent with people we care about or doing the things that make us happy.

RACV wants you to share your frustrations about congestion. Make your voice heard so government and road authorities can find solutions. The tool for doing this is the RACV Redspot Survey.


A Redspot is a congested location on the road network that makes you frustrated. It could be an intersection where you are backed up for several cycles of lights, a level crossing where the gates are down too long, a congested tram route or a place where, as a cyclist or pedestrian, you don’t get a fair go with the road space or crossing times.

Tell us your most vexing Redspots. Once all your responses are in, RACV will inspect and assess those at the top of the list. We will then take up the case with VicRoads, the Department of Transport, Public Transport Victoria, local councils and the State Government, to get your nominated Redspots fixed.

Some may need major engineering solutions, such as removing a level crossing, while others could be as simple as installing traffic lights or changing traffic-light sequences.


The important thing is to get solutions. And that’s what the Redspot Survey does. It has run every two years for more than two decades. Our partners are Leader Community News and 7 News.

Locations nominated in 2014 attracted more than $1.5 billion. The number one Redspot, the Chandler Highway bridge over the Yarra at Kew/Alphington, is set to be fixed.

So while there are many frustrating Redspots that still require funding, there is no better way to get the authorities to respond to your congestion frustrations than participating in our survey.


The recent removal of the level crossing in Burke Road, Glen Iris erases a serial Redspot. This site mashed together road traffic, trams, trains and a major freeway intersection. It appeared in every Redspot top 10 since 2006 and RACV had called for action on this spot for many years. With the Glen Waverley rail line now crossing under Burke Road, congestion here and on major roads in the vicinity has eased.

Burke Road is the first of 34 level crossings, many of which featured regularly in previous Redspot Surveys, the State Government has funded for removal over the next few years. It will be interesting to see what new locations take their place in this year’s top 10.


Chandler Hwy has been in the top 10 of the past five Redspot Surveys. After being runner-up twice in a row, it took out the dubious title of the state’s number one Redspot in 2014.

Earlier this year the State Government finally responded and now the bottleneck at the Yarra River is slated for a major upgrade. Construction of a new six-lane bridge will begin in the middle of next year, with the existing historically significant bridge to be retained as a shared path.


Think about the Redspots that cause you the most frustration, visit redspotsurvey.com.au and complete the survey or call (03) 9790 2863 to request a form be mailed to you. Nominate as many locations as you like, but only include each location once. The survey closes on 26 June 2016.

Please tell friends and family to nominate Redspots. You don’t need to be an RACV member to take part. The top Redspots list will be released in RoyalAuto, Leader Community News, on 7 News and at redspotsurvey.com.au in September.

RACV will then take your concerns to those who can fix them.

Written by Evan Barr
June 01, 2016