How to indicate at a roundabout

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left Indicator signal is flashing

I would be grateful if you would clarify what turn signals are required as you approach and leave a roundabout.

Harley Powell, Elsternwick

Using indicators at roundabouts seems to cause confusion, but it’s not that different to any other type of intersection.

Before entering the roundabout, indicate as you normally would: left to turn left, right to turn right, and no indicator if you are going straight ahead. Always indicate long enough to give sufficient warning to other drivers and pedestrians about where you plan to go.

But what about where there are multiple straight-ahead or right-hand exits? A driver who is leaving the roundabout more than halfway around should indicate right. Halfway around is defined as a road that is substantially straight ahead from the road you entered on.

Drivers should give a left change of direction signal when leaving the roundabout if it is possible to do so.  

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Written by Emily McLean
March 22, 2017