What does a solid white line leading up to an intersection mean?

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Road illustration

Many intersections have a solid white line between the lanes leading up to the intersection. What are the road rules associated with these?

Continuous lines along a lane are to prevent drivers from changing lanes.

A driver must not change lanes or cross over a continuous lane line.

The Rules do outline exceptions, which include such situations as:

  • avoiding an obstruction;
  • obeying a traffic control device on the lane they are moving from;
  • there is a special-purpose lane (bus, bicycle lane etc) the driver is permitted to drive in and they are moving to or from this lane – including part-time lanes;
  • the rider of a motorbike is lane filtering where allowed; or
  • the driver is permitted to drive in both lanes because of another rule.


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Written by Emily McLean
July 17, 2017