Letters to the Editor November 2018

RACV | Posted on 30 November 2018

Find out what readers are talking about in the November 2018 edition of RoyalAuto. 

dinosaur cartoon

Day of the dinosaur

One reason the cost of energy has increased is that nowadays we use a lot more power. Back in the age of dinosaurs the family moved from the kitchen table to the lounge room for most of the evening so only one room needed heating or cooling. Today people expect to be warm in any room, any time, while dressed in shorts and T-shirt. People are astounded to find my heater-cooling system is a small fan heater (and the use of window blinds and draught excluders).

Mick Gravolin, East Malvern



Focus on regions

Thank you to Netta Griffin for keeping a high profile on having our city function efficiently. Her piece in the September issue was, however, somewhat Melbourne-centric. 

While the pains of a growing city are top of mind for many of our citizens, a focus on the development of our regional cities with quality intercity road, train and internet links would benefit us all. 

The saving in the future Melbourne infrastructure costs would achieve amazing places to live in our coastal towns if used for incentives to business and development, building cultural facilities, university campuses etc. It was recently reported that the US has only four cities the size of Melbourne and 13 times our population. The reason for our obsession with megacities is unclear. Maybe the building of the four most liveable cities in the world would be a worthy pursuit for the RACV.

Michael Greer, Fitzroy

Editor’s note: In September, RACV released a plan to improve transport in Victoria’s ten largest regional communities, and the State’s main transport corridors. More details at racv.com.au/growingpains.

lighthouse picture

RA inspiration

I just wanted to let you know your magazine is creatively inspiring and I look forward to seeing the beautiful photos of places for me to plan to visit or revisit. I have recycled a collection of your magazines into pieces of artwork and include a picture I created of a lighthouse, which was inspired by your recent article on lighthouses (RA May) and a trip to Queenscliff. Thank you. 

Andrea Coombes, Melbourne 


A few weeks ago, a long way from home, the transmission in our vehicle failed. We limped into Longreach where we phoned the RACV.

Immediately a mechanic arrived to confirm our predicament and then helped move our caravan to the nearby caravan park and tow our car to the workshop. The mechanic then confirmed the vehicle could not be fixed in Longreach. So, Total Care kicked in.

We are in awe of what we were able to access, and the wonderful support that Phil, our case manager from RACV, offered. We drove a hire car home, had lots of other assistance, and our car and caravan were transported home too. 

Jeff and Jill Hobbs, Bridgewater on Loddon

Tram fan

I loved your “10 minutes with Valerie Tang” interview in the October RoyalAuto. So great to see a young Victorian design one of the Art Trams. Congratulations to Valerie, she submitted a great design! I am looking forward to riding on “her” tram. 

Mae Chong, Doncaster East

Historic Talbot

I was delighted to see your article and great photos about Talbot (RA October). I have visited this charming town only once, seven years ago on Easter Sunday, as part of a fact-finding mission about my maternal great, great grandfather William Goodman, who was the publican and owner of the Phoenix Hotel from the 1860s until his death in 1906. It was de-licensed in 1923, but the solid stone building is still standing and clearly visible in your photos of Scandinavian Crescent. A plaque on it records William’s connection. 

The most-helpful local historical society was open on the day I visited, and provided numerous documents about William and his significant contribution to the local community. The town sure seems to be experiencing a resurgence, and I definitely intend to make another trip on farmers’ market day.

Stephen Peterson, East St Kilda


Editors Note
In black and white

We’d like to thank our sharp-eyed readers for pointing out that we ran a picture of a Eurasian, or common, magpie in our October issue. A big apology to feathered fans everywhere. Here’s proof that we do know what an Australian magpie looks like. 

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