Reboot your fitness routine

Move it or lose it! The warmer weather is coming, and you can boost your fitness with our 7-day program using our online videos and Better Bods strategy.

Getting fit and feeling great is as much about attitude as having regular activity and eating healthy and nutritious meals.

One of the RACV Club’s most successful nutrition and exercise programs, Better Bods, has helped dozens of Club Members reach their fitness and weight-loss goals.


The Better Bods course usually runs for eight weeks at the City Club Fitness Centre, but you can initiate your own 7-day program by using our online videos and downloadable PDF guide.

Start off gently with our videos of push-ups and squats with Nate Wells and progress to Abs & Core workouts with Fran Furci. If you need to build up strength, do your push-ups and shoulder taps from your knees rather than toes.

In an ideal world, you would have your fitness level assessed by a personal trainer before starting a new fitness regimen. If this is not possible, simply record some baseline measurements, such as the maximum number of push-ups you can do and your current weight or waist measurement. See a doctor or psysiotherapist if you have an injury or pre-existing condition.

RACV Club Leisure Manager (Wellness & Recreation) Con Kalogiannis, who is based at Healesville Country Club & Resort, recommends you start slowly.

“Even if it’s only 15 minutes at the start, you can build up from there,” Con says. “Listen to your body and take a break when you need one.”

He suggests allowing your body time to recover if you’re starting from a low fitness base or if you’ve had an extended period without exercise.


How to stay motivated

  • Have a goal and write it down.
  • Revisit your baseline measurements monthly to review your progress.
  • Workout with a friend, if possible.
  • Make it fun and find exercises you enjoy doing, and add some variety.

Creating long-term exercise habits 

  • Make exercise a priority. Even if you’re busy with work or tired. Chances are, you’ll feel much better afterwards.
  • Take it one step at time and set small, manageable and realistic goals.
  • Wear a fitness tracker. This can show you your activity level, sleep quality and heart rate throughout the day.
  • Be consistent.

Online resources

Try our 7-day fitness program, based on the Better Bods course, with a downloadable PDF guide. Watch and participate in our online Health & Wellness videos, by visiting our Youtube channel

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