Five ways a smart home is smarter than you

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 08 February 2019

What a smart home can do to make your life easier.

Move over selfie-sticks, smart home devices were the Christmas gift of 2018. But there’s more to smart home tech than boxes that can tell you the capital of Kazakhstan or who sang that obscure tune from the ’70s. Here are five ways smart home technology can help you run your house, and life, more easily, safely and cost-effectively.

smart home device sitting on a table among books with lounge in background
  1. Smart homes never forget their door keys or fumble to find them. With a smart lock and compatible app, you can lock and unlock your front door with just your phone.
  2. Your smart home knows your likes and dislikes. Set your lights to brighten as you wake up or turn off when you leave the house, all without lifting a finger.
  3. Make your smart home work for you: Set up your smart kettle to switch on in the morning, turn on a smart oven remotely, or trigger the lights when you walk into a room.
  4. Connect motion and multipurpose sensors to a wifi hub and your smart home will let you know when family members come and go.
  5. Heading to work but forgot to shut the back door? A smart home will alert you if any doors, windows or the garage have been left open.