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About RACV

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About the foundation

RACV is committed to serving the community. That’s why we created the RACV Community Foundation – to deliver vital funds to not-for-profit community groups.

Grants of up to $20,000 help grassroots organisations – often staffed by volunteers – deliver local projects that help improve the lives of people in need throughout Victoria. Since 1997, the Foundation has approved grants worth over $3.1 million to approximately 480 Victorian charities.

The Foundation focuses on supporting mobility in the community as its primary area of philanthropic funding, with a view to enhancing safety, environmental sustainability and/or social cohesion.

2015 Grant Round

Grant Seeker Forum Session times and Registration

Please join us to learn more about the RACV Community Foundation, our Grants program and ask questions about grant criteria and application process for the 2015 Grant Round.

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with the RACV Community Foundation Staff and your non-profit peers. There will be two grant seeker forum session times available, full details are available below.

Places for each forum are strictly limited. Don’t miss out.

Session One                                                       Session Two                                                       

Grant Seeker Forum – Metro                           Grant Seeker Forum – Metro                             

Wednesday, 1 April 2015                                Tuesday, 14 April 2015                                    

2.00 – 5.00pm                                                    2.00 – 5.00pm                                                     

RACV Noble Park,                                            RACV Noble Park,                                                
550 Princes Highway                                      550 Princes Highway
Noble Park North 3174                                   Noble Park North 3174

Email [email protected]                   Email [email protected]                       

Date attending                                                   Date attending                                                    
Organisation Name                                         Organisation Name                                            
Position Title                                                      Position Title                                                               
Title, Frist Name and Surname                     Title, First Name and Surname                          
Address                                                              Address                                                                 
Contact Number                                               Contact Number                                                  

*Limited spaces available                   *Limited spaces available            


Application Process

Applications for the 2015 grant round will formally open Monday 13 April 2015 and will close 5pm Friday 5 June 2015.

Any applications received after 5pm Friday 5 June 2015 will not be considered. 

Application form and Grant guidelines will be available on this site by Monday 13 April 2015. 

Reasons to support the RACV community foundation:

  • A demonstrated history of community impact across Victoria – more than 50 per cent of all grants awarded to rural and regional organisations
  • A focus on small community organisations – more than 90 per cent of grants support organisations with annual turnovers of less than $5 million
  • Direction and support provided by an Advisory Committee comprising RACV Directors, staff and community representatives with decades of collective expertise both in business and working with the not- for-profit sector
  • A strong charter and rules ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation
  • A rigorous grants approval process
  • Access to RACV experts
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