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Child safety

Child restraints

Learn about the law, types of restraints, and about choosing and using the correct restraint for your child. 


Sesame Street and road safety resources

RACV has partnered with Sesame Street to create some fun resources for children to learn more about road safety including a video, book and activities.


Driveway safety

Children are vulnerable in driveways, especially when cars are pulling in and out. Parents need to be aware of the dangers around driveways as children can move surprisingly quickly.


Children and traffic

Children face extra challenges when dealing with traffic and parents need to be more vigilant in areas where children are vulnerable.


Walking with children

Teach children how to use the road environment safely by walking on footpaths and crossing the road at marked areas where possible.


Bicycle riding with children

Keep safe when bicycle riding by ensuring that children are supervised, they understand and follow road rules and are wearing the right safety equipment when riding on roads and footpaths.


Travelling in cars with children

Handy tips for travelling in cars with children.


Travelling on public transport with children

See our safety tips for travelling on public transport with a pram and with children.