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Years Ahead

RACV offers free Years Ahead presentations to organised groups of older people throughout Victoria. There are three to choose from. 

RACV-couch-driver-cartoonYears Ahead – Road Safety for Seniors - 03 9790 2915 or book online

This one hour road safety awareness presentation is designed for older road users. It covers information and advice on driving safely and aims to promote safer road user behaviours, continued mobility and quality of life for older people.


RACV-lady-dancing-cartoonYears Ahead - Lifestyle Series - 03 9790 2915 or book online

Two 45 minute presentations are available in the Lifestyle Series that provide advice and information on topics that become more important to us as we age. Download the Lifestyle brochure.

Personal and Home Safety discusses how we can take action to maximise the safety and security of our belongings in different situations, how to prepare for an emergency and preventing falls in the home.

Healthy Ageing and Staying Connected covers the importance of being healthy and active as we age, as well as how we can stay connected with family, friends, and the community. Scams that target older people and how they can be avoided are also discussed.

Watch videos below from Years Ahead 

These videos outline important road safety topics covered by the Years Ahead – Road Safety for Seniors presentation.


Introduction to Years Ahead

This video introduces the Years Ahead program and the topics it covers.


Vehicle Safety

Buying a car involves many decisions and is one of the largest and most important purchases we make. This video outlines the importance of driving a safe vehicle. 


Health and Driving

Different health and ageing issues may affect your ability to drive. This video covers some of those issues and what you can do to stay safe on the roads.


Your Driving Future 

RACV encourages all drivers to drive for as long as they are fit to do so. This video outlines what you should do if you are not as fit as you used to be and driving is becoming difficult.


These videos outline important topics covered by the Years Ahead – Lifestyle Series presentations, including falls prevention in the home and physical activity for older people. 


Falls Prevention in the Home

Over 50% of hospitalisations from falls are people aged 65+. This does not mean falls have to be part of growing older. This video shows that identifying and removing hazards is a cheap and easy way to reduce the risk of a fall.


Physical Activity for Older People

It is very tempting for us to think that we are “too old” or “too frail” to participate in physical activities. This video shows that no matter your age or health condition there is an activity to help you improve your health and fitness.


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