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Driving overseas

International driving requirements

Country International Driving Permit (IDP) Side of road to drive
Argentina Recommended Right
Armenia Required Left
Austria Required Right
Bahrain Required. For private vehicles provided it is endorsed by the Traffic & Licensing Directorate or a Bahraini car rental company on arrival (for 12 months) Right
Belarus Recommended Right
Belgium Required Right 
Bolivia Required Right 
Bosnia & Herzigovnia Not Required. However stays of more than 6 months require a certified translation of the National Licence into Bosnian. Right
Brazil Not Required. National driving licence accompanied by an official translation (done by a sworn public translator or by an Embassy of Brazil) and a photo id required. Right 
Bulgaria Required Right
Canada Recommended for car hire Right
Chile Required Right
Colombia Required Right
Costa Rica Recommended Right 
Croatia Recommended Right
Cyprus Recommended Left
Czech Republic Required Right
Denmark Recommended Right 
Ecuador Recommended Right
El Salvador Recommended Right 
Estonia Recommended Right 
Finland Recommended Right
France Required Right 
Germany Strongly Recommended Right 
Greece Required Right 
Hong Kong Recommended  Left 
Hungary Not Required Right 
Iceland Recommended Right
India Required Left 
Indonesia Recommended Left
Iran Required Right
Ireland Recommended Left
Israel Recommended Right 
Italy Required or sworn Italian translation of Australian driving licence Right
Jamaica Required Left 
Japan Required Left 
Jordan Required Right
Kenya Recommended Left
Korea Required Right 
Kuwait Required Right
Latvia Recommended Right 
Lebanon Required Right 
Lithuania Recommended Right
Macedonia (FYROM) Recommended Right 
Malaysia Required Left 
Malta Recommended Left 
Mexico Recommended Right
Moldavia Not Required Right
Mozambique Recommended Left
Namibia Recommended Left
Netherlands Not Required Right
New Zealand Not Required Left 
Norway Not Required Right
Oman Recommended Right
Pakistan Required Left
Paraguay Required Right
Peru Recommended Right
Philippines Recommended Right
Poland Required Right
Portugal Recommended Right
Qatar Recommended International Driving Permits (1949, 1968) for 15 days; local temporary driving Licence issued by Licensing Authority on presentation of national driving licence. Right
Romania Required Right
Russia Recommended Right
Saudi Arabia Required Right
Senegal Recommended Right
Serbia Recommended Right
Singapore Recommended Left
Slovenia Required Right
South Africa Recommended Left
Spain Required Right
Sri Lanka Required Left
Sweden Not Required Right
Switzerland Recommended Right
Thailand Required Left
The Slovak Republic Recommended Right
Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies) Required Left
Tunisia Required Right
Turkey Required Right 
Uganda Recommended Left
Ukraine Recommended Right
United Arab Emirates Required  Right 
United Kingdom Not Required Left 
United States of America Recommended Right
Yemen Recommended Right 
Zimbabwe Recommended Left