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Vehicle Inspections

Inspect a vehicle before you buy

For peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle, or if your warranty is about to expire, you can purchase an RACV vehicle inspection. RACV Vehicle Inspections are conducted by RACV's Accredited Auto Care Centres across Melbourne. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a report that informs you of the overall condition of the vehicle based on a visual external examination of components, along with a purchase recommendation (when applicable).

Please note this service does not provide a roadworthy certificate. This service should be used when you are looking to ensure your next vehicle purchase is a good one by getting it inspected by a mechanic and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you are looking for a roadworthy certificate in Victoria, please refer to the VicRoads roadworthy certificate section.

RACV has two types of vehicle inspections:

  • Pre-purchase: suitable if you are purchasing a vehicle
    Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantree.
  • Comprehensive: checks more components of the vehicle than a pre-purchase inspection. Also suitable for vehicles coming out of warranty.
    Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantree.

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30-day mechanical guarantee

RACV provides a 30-day mechanical guarantee on pre-purchase and comprehensive vehicle inspections, available exclusively to RACV members. Members will receive a reimbursement towards the cost of repairing a mechanical fault not identified on the inspection report, giving added assurance when purchasing a used vehicle.

Important information about the 30-day mechanical guarantee - Click here for further conditions.

There are some vehicles that we cannot inspect, or can only conduct a comprehensive inspection on. This might be because of limited access, level of complexity or specialised tools and equipment required. 

Please Note: to be conducted effectively, some prestige or imported vehicles require comprehensive or "extra time" comprehensive inspections, due to size, complexity or access to components.  These vehicles will be identified at the time of booking.