RACV driving lessons

It's a fact - if you want to get your licence, you'll have to know how to drive

And if you want to know how to drive you'll have to take lessons. Pretty simple hey?

Driving lessons are an important step in getting your licence and learning how to stay safe on the roads.  And because of the changes to Learner and Probationary licenses, supervised driving experience is now more important than ever.

RACV Drive School

With great programs and awesome discounts, RACV Drive School is the best bet for free2go members. All you need to do is get your L’s, book some lessons and you’ll be on the road to driving solo!

RACV Drive School instructors are fully qualified trainers and all lessons emphasise safe driving practices. And if you are a free2go member, you’ll receive 10% off when you buy 5 lessons in one transaction! You can book online, over the phone or at an RACV shop.

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RACV Drive School has accredited keys2drive driver trainers who can deliver a free driving lesson to all learners.

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