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Connected Vehicle

Connected Vehicle

RACV Connected Vehicle is an in-car device which pairs with your smartphone. It allows you to access useful information about your car and your driving. The Connected Vehicle app is packed with features. It diagnose engine problems, remembers where you parked, displays your trip history, and even helps you avoid congestion. You can save money with Connected Vehicle by finding cheaper fuel and pricing, along with a great range of RACV member benefits

Pricing and Compatibility

To purchase Connected Vehicle you'll need to be an RACV member with an Emergency Roadside Assistance product. If you'd like to purchase roadside assistance, click here

Unfortunately we are not able to supply Connected Vehicle at this time. We are working on bringing a new solution to you in the near future.

Have a Question? Need Assistance?

Call our Connected Vehicle support team on 1300 360 802
Email [email protected]