Mrs Elizabeth Foley’s 90th Birthday

Mrs Elizabeth Foley’s 90th Birthday

RACV Club Life Member, Mrs Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Foley (pictured centre), celebrated her 90th birthday at the City Club in February.

Beth enjoyed her birthday in the city over three days, starting with drinks among friends at her home, a party at the City Club and ending on Sunday with a high tea at the Windsor Hotel. 

After enjoying her 80th birthday dinner in the Members’ Dining Room 10 years earlier, Beth couldn’t wait to celebrate again at City Club.

Beth was joined by 75 of her closest friends and family in the Club Pavilion for the big celebration.

“Some of them I hadn’t seen in so long it was hard to recognise them!” Beth said. “It was so lovely, everyone enjoyed it.

“There were fresh flowers on the tables and the whole room looked great.

“Quite a few people said they would like to celebrate something at RACV Club too,” Beth said. “The service and food were excellent, it was a wonderful night.”

Member dining at RACV City Club

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