Member Memories

Steve Kotarski’s 55th Birthday

It was a fine day at Healesville for Club member Steve Kotarski, who celebrated his 55th birthday in late November. Gathering with family and friends to celebrate, Steve said, “Everything went very well, the venue was perfect and the staff were, as always, very efficient, and professional.”

Steve hosted his birthday lunch in three stages. The group enjoyed pre-lunch drinks in the shade of the Gazebo, overlooking the views, before heading into the Theatrette for a slideshow presentation celebrating his relationship with friends and family, after they enjoyed lunch in the Watts Room.

“I actually had my 50th birthday at Healesville running essentially the same format” Steve said. “I wouldn’t celebrate anywhere else, and I hope to have my 60th there as well!”

“It was a very inclusive day with lots of photos of family and friends being shown and once again the staff were just delightful. Every detail was attended to. I have also used the City Club for hosting business events and have similarly had nothing but positive experiences there also."

We wish Steve all the best for his 55th birthday.

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