RACV City Club offers 460 car parking spaces, providing safe and convenient parking which is available to Club members, guests, visitors and the general public.


The car park entrance is located on New Chancery Lane. For the duration of our exciting outdoor dining experience Soujourn, access for entry and exit is via Bourke Street. For more information, click here.


Club Members

To access the car park, swipe your Club membership card at entry and departure points; the parking fee will automatically be debited to your Club membership account.

Non Club Members

Club Members' guests, visitors, general public and RACV broader membership holders (i.e. Roadside, Insurance, Personal, Emergency Home Assist) are welcome to use the Club car park during specified operating hours.

Non-members are advised to collect a ticket at the entry point. Payment stations are located on Chancery Lane, B1, B2 and B3 levels; please pay for parking before returning to your vehicle and scan your ticket at departure.

Parking Rates


Club Members

Monday-Friday (Peak)

Discounted Club Members*

Monday-Friday (Peak)


0.0 - 1.0




1.0 - 2.0




2.0 - 3.0




3.0 - 4.0




4.0 - 5.0








Off Peak Pricing

After 5pm on weekdays and during weekends, a flat rate of $9 per day (single entry) will apply for parking.

*Club Card Discount

A new car park system is coming. Until 1 April 2021, all Club Members will receive the above Discounted Club Member rate when charging to their Club Member card. 

After 1 April 2021 Club Members must spend and utilise the facilities in the Club and charge to your Club card on the day of parking to receive the Discounted Club Member Peak Rate (per day, single entry).

Valet Pricing

Valet parking service is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Changes to RACV City Club car park access

Ahead of the opening of our exciting new pop up dining experience in New Chancery Lane – ‘Sojourn’, it’s important to be familiar with some changes to how Club Members access the RACV City Club car park from February 2021.

Closure of the Little Collins Street entrance to New Chancery Lane means all access (entry and exit) to the car park will now be via Bourke Street only. Below are some helpful examples to assist with these changes.

racv city club map

Driving from the south, along Queen Street.

Old access was via Queen Street, with a left turn into Little Collins Street.

New access is to drive one block further and turn left into Bourke Street, then left into New Chancery Lane.

racv city club map

Driving from the east along Little Collins Street.

Old access was via Little Collins Street with a right turn into New Chancery Lane. 

New access is to turn right into Queen Street, drive one block further, turn left into Bourke Street, then left into New Chancery Lane.


In addition to these changes we're happy to announce a reduction in parking rates effective February, 2021. For details around parking rates, click here.


Terms and conditions: Parking is at own risk. Rates are per day, single entry. Off peak is 5pm until 5am weekdays, all day Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays. Club Member rate available only when payment is made by Club card. Additional Club Member discount of 30% applies to Monday to Friday Peak rates only, not available on weekends and only available until new parking system is installed at the City Club.

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