City Club Car Parking

RACV City Club Melbourne has a 460-space car park that provides safe and convenient parking.

To enter and exit the car park, hold your membership card in front of the reader at the entry station and again at the exit station upon departure. The discounted member rate for parking will be automatically debited to your Club membership account.

Valet parking is available for members and guests staying in accommodation at RACV Club Melbourne. 

Disabled Parking

Members with disabled persons parking permits should call Member Relations on 1300 501 501 to register their vehicle and permit details and to receive 12 free parking vouchers. Assisted parking is also available.

Operating Hours

For the convenience of members the car park is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. For non-members the car park is available from 7 am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Car Park Rates

Members are reminded that the discounted member rates for parking at the City Club will only apply if you access the car park with your Club membership card. Car parking fees for Club members are:

  • $13.40 flat fee for first 3 hours
  • $13.40 per subsequent hour to a maximum of $53.60 per day per single entry
  • $8.80 flat rate after 5pm weekdays and all weekend.

Standard parking rates are as follows:

  • $21.60 per hour
  • Maximum of $86.40 per day per single entry
  • $21.60 flat rate after 5pm weekdays and Weekends.

*Rates effective until 30 June 2019.


Country Club Car Parking

Car parking is available on site with space for more than 300 vehicles, 170 of which are under cover. The car park is fitted with car park assist technology. This system makes it possible to identify if a car park bay is in use, vacant or for disabled parking. Please do not park in vacant bays showing a red light, as these are reserved spaces.

Car Parking at the Country Club is free for members and guests.

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