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Enjoy the changing of the seasons at our premium restaurant, the Blue Tree Grill.

The skilfully prepared menu boasts a distinct regional influence, utilising the very best quality provincial produce, creating unique and diverse flavours with a fresh appeal. A superb range of steaks locally grown around the corner in Coldstream are complemented by some excellent cuts from Gippsland and the surrounding areas, not forgetting our biodynamic range. 

Not in the mood for steak? No problem. Blue Tree also boasts a large range of the freshest seafood, game meats and plant-based options that are sure to please. 

The menu is complemented by a comprehensive selection of regional wines, beers and ciders. 

We strongly believe the total dining experience is one to be savoured and that time should be taken to enjoy exceptional food, wine and service.

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Please note: Menus are subject to change without notice.

Biodynamic beef

Introducing Biodynamic Beef

Come and enjoy this new and beautiful range of some of Victoria’s best biodynamic-grown beef. Biodynamic farming prohibits the use of hormones; and animal feed cannot contain any animal by-products, antibiotics, genetically engineered grains, pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers, sewage sludge or radiation. Studies have shown that grass-fed biodynamic livestock can contain more Omega-3 fatty acid, linoleic acid, iron, vitamin E, carotenoids and key antioxidants. Come to the Country Club and try it for yourself today.

The Blue Tree Grill Goes Green

Come and experience conscious cuisine as it was intended in its most natural and untouched form, skilfully prepared by our talented team of Blue Tree chefs.

When you dine in the Blue Tree Grill you can be confident that you will only be eating locally grown, organic fruit and vegetables that are legitimately in season. Biodynamic beef, free-range chicken and sustainably caught seafood are now the norm in our premium restaurant.

With plant-based, vegan and vegetarian cuisine also available, there is something for all tastes and lifestyles, not forgetting the choices and flexibility of mymenu.