Treat yourself to a sensory escape in the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Nestled in the beautiful Yarra Valley, One Spa at RACV Healesville Country Club offers a rejuvenating retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We invite you to indulge in the revitalising treatments our day spa has to offer, and in the caring hands of our spa professionals, release all tension in a blissful exercise of self-care.

Special offers and promotions at One Spa

One Spa offers RACV members a special price on treatments, indicated on our service menu by an uppercase ‘M’. If you’re new to One Spa, speak to our friendly Spa Hosts to find out how you can receive member rewards and prices.

  • Introducing Skin Regimen

    Clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle ageing—the dehydration, dullness and imperfections caused by modern, urban life—Skin Regimen works at the cellular level to maintain healthier, youthful skin. This unisex collection is mixed and matched in a 4-step custom regimen: prepare, recharge, correct, reset.

    Available now

  • Skin Regimen Facial

    Counter act the effects of stress and pollution with unisex facials designed to combat dull, ageing and toxified skin using Skin Regimen's Macro Waves Sound, the brand recharging Natural Aroma and a bespoke formula of active ingredients to suit your skin.

    Urban Longevity Facial or Urban Detox Facial // 60 min $145 

  • Gift with Purchase

    Purchase any two Skin Regimen products and receive a complimentary Comfort Zone peeling and exfoliant mask valued at $54.

    While stocks last

One Spa services

All visitors – not just members – are welcome to enjoy the tranquillity of our treatment centre. Our extensive range of services cater to all your pampering needs, from 30-minute express treatments to tantalising all-day experiences. Awaken tired skin with a replenishing facial, alleviate aches and pains with a relaxing massage or feed the soul with an invigorating full-body exfoliation.

For bookings and enquiries, call 03 5969 9388 or email

One Spa Experiences

We have you covered with our most popular spa rituals. 

Escape // 3.5 hours $450 | M $410
This total top-to-toe TLC offers a well deserved indulgence.
Body Exfoliation & Wrap : Scalp Therapy : Water Therapy : Hot Stone Massage : Customised Spa Facial : Hand & Foot Therapy : Refreshments

Unwind // 2.5 hours $335 | M $305
There is nothing to do, but sigh with full body contentment.
Scalp Therapy : Body Wrap : Water Therapy : Massage : Refreshments

Indulge // 2 hours $270 | M $245
A day spa favourite that treats face and body for complete renewal.
Full Body Massage : Customised Spa Facial : Refreshments

Nurture // 1.5 hours $210 | M $190
Treating four zones for muscle soothing and radiance reviving results.
Hot Stone Back Massage : Express Spa Facial : Scalp & Sole Therapy : Refreshments

Spa Time

Create your own spa journey by selecting your favourite treatments below.

Retreat // 4 hours
$555 | M $495
Indulge mind, body and soul.
Choose any 4 x 60 minute options below.

Rejuvenate // 3 hours $420 | M $380
Enjoy a voyage of blissful discovery.
Choose any 3 x 60 minute options below.

Rebalance // 2 hours $295 | M $270
Pamper for pure relaxation.
Choose any 2 x 60 minute options below.

  1. Body Exfoliation & Water Therapy
  2. Body Wrap
  3. Relaxation or Muscle Ease Massage
  4. Customised Spa Facial
  5. Express Facial & Scalp Therapy
  6. Manicure Ritual
  7. Pedicure Ritual

Restore // 90 mins $220 | M $200
Choose any 3 x 30 minute options below.

Revive // 60 mins $150 | M $135
Choose any 2 x 30 minute options below.

  1. Body Exfoliation
  2. Back Massage
  3. Express Facial
  4. Express Manicure
  5. Express Pedicure or Foot Massage
  6. Scalp Therapy

: If you are pregnant, please speak to our Spa Hosts so that we can assist with creating the appropriate package.

Signature Escapes

Local rituals capture the essence of the Yarra Valley

Earthy Escape // 3 hours
$405 | M $365
Connect to your inner rhythm with an earthy ritual that refreshes body and mind.

  • Waterfall Steam Shower
  • Monticelli Mud Wrap
  • Pressure Point Face & Scalp Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Glass of local Yarra Valley wine and a refreshment

Dream Time // 2.5 hours
$315 | M $285
A journey that will have you to drift to a place of calm and serenity.

  • Aromasoul Volcanic Body Scrub
  • Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage
  • Customised Facial
  • Glass of local Yarra Valley wine and a refreshment

Sacred Elements Ritual // 2 hours
$250 | M $225 Natural organic rituals to inspire health and wellbeing.

  • Private Spa
  • Sacred Nature Body with healing stones
  • Scalp therapy
  • Glass of local Yarra Valley wine and a refreshment

Face, Body & Soul // 1.5 hours
$195 | M $175
Rebalance with this top to toe degustation experience.

  • Back Massage
  • Customised Facial
  • Pressure Point Hand, Foot & Scalp Massage
  • Glass of local Yarra Valley wine and a refreshment

Water Therapy

Add a water therapy* to cleanse and uplift. 

Mountain View Spa Soak // 30 mins $65 | M $59*
Concentrated massage jets work on pressure points all over the body.

Waterfall Steam Shower // 30 mins $65 | M $59*
Cocooned in the soothing and detoxifying warmth of your own private steam room, an aromatic mist gently infuses the space, before a raindrop shower reawakens all senses.

Hydrotherapy Tub // 30 mins $65 | M $59
Stretch out lie back and enjoy the view while soaking in our signature tranquillity bath blend.

*An additional fee of $30 (M $27) when sharing a water therapy

Facial Therapy

Your complexion will sing our praises with the skin defining results of Comfort Zone skincare.

Customised Spa Facial // 60 mins $160 | M $145
We are going to spoil you with so much tailored attention you will never want this facial to end.

  • Hydra Memory Facial – rejuvenating, hydrating for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Active Pureness Facial – deep cleansing for congested, problematic skin.
  • Calming Facial – reduces redness and rosacea, ideal for delicate, sensitive skin.
  • Recover Touch Facial – multi-vitamin replenishment to treat tired, stressed skin.

Age Defying Facial // 75 mins
$205 | M $185
This Sublime Facial offers a solution for the different stages of aging.

  • Active Lift – Intensive yet luxurious, this age management facial lifts your skin and brings immediate rejuvenation.
  • Hormone Aging – This treatment counters thinning of the skin, extreme dryness and loss of skin density.

Sacred Nature Facial // 45 mins
$140 | M $125
Organic ingredients nourish and protect the skin with all sorts of goodness. Ideal for anyone recovering from illness or committed to eco-certified skincare.

Enhance your Facial Therapy:

Eye Mask | Reduce fatigue, dark circles and puffiness ($40 or M $35)
Scalp Massage | Release physical and mental tension ($35 or M $30)
Foot Massage | Restore and revive tired feet ($35 or M $30)


Skin Regimen

A modern skincare approach, clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle aging on both skin and mind. The range is designed to meet the needs of modern multitaskers, who live in today’s fast paced times, constantly connected and on the front line. For urban dwellers who want to be the best version of themselves, while coping with the effects of daily stress and pollution, those unavoidable, critical factors of city living.

Urban Longevity Facial // 60 mins $160 | M $145
The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle.
This facial is ideal to renew the skin and counteract the effects of stress and pollution. Customisable to correct dullness, dehydration and first signs of wrinkles.

Urban Detox Facial // 60 mins $160 | M $145
Designed to detox the skin from pollution and purify the pores.
A unique peel-off mask with plant-based charcoal effectively rebalances and energises the skin

Body Therapy

One Spa exfoliations and wraps offer total body indulgence.

Aromasoul Body Scrub // 45 mins $110 | M $99
Travel to faraway places whilst your skin is polished and renewed using one of four aromatic blends. Choose from - Oriental, Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean.

Hydration Therapy // 60 mins
$150 | M $135
Revitalisation is in store following a full body exfoliation and a warm silky gel mask. Replenish, quench and restore moisture for soft smooth skin. 

Detox Mud Therapy // 60 mins
$150 | M $135
Delicious detoxification and the end of muscle aches and pains can be found in a purifying full body exfoliation and a comforting cocoon of thermal monticelli mud.

Body Active Therapy // 60 mins
$150 | M $135
An invigorating and remodelling active massage and body treatment designed to sculpt and eliminate toxins.

Sacred Nature Face & Body Ritual // 90 mins
$225 | M $205
Enveloping the best of nature with Ecocert®-certified organic ingredients. This deeply nourishing and embracing ritual features a facial, body treatment and nourishing massage


Massage Therapy

Tame tension, relax the nervous system and leave with peace of mind.

Relaxation Massage // 60 mins $135 | M $118
Classic effleurage strokes, rhythmic touch and traditional Swedish techniques relieve tension and fatigue from sore, tired muscles.

Muscle Ease Massage // 60 mins $145 | M $130
Firm to deep pressure tames deep seated tension and muscular tightness to promote freedom from restriction and pain.
Please speak to our Spa Host at time of booking as this treatment or a Remedial Massage is dependent on therapist availability (private healthcare rebates may apply dependent on your insurance provider).

Increase the above massages to 90 minutes for an extra $52 (or M $50). 

Hot Stone Massage // 90 mins
$220 | M $198
Warm stones and aromatic oils combine to offer a massage of muscle melting proportions.

Tranquillity Pro Sleep // 60 mins
$145 | M $130
A good night’s sleep, a rested nervous system and profound relaxation await after you’ve been treated to a synergy of essential oils, sound, soft brushes and gentle Ayurvedic techniques.

Mother To Be // 60 mins
$135 | M $118
You’re pregnant and you deserve to be pampered and restored to peace, wellbeing and connection during this very special time.
Available after first trimester

Healesville Healing // 45 mins $100 | M $89
Experience a unique treatment with one of our local specialised therapists. We offer healing therapies such as Reflexology and Reiki. Please speak to our Spa Host for more information as these treatments are limited to therapist availability.

Increase to 60 minutes for an extra $30 (or M $26).

Ear Candling // 45 mins $100 | M $89
Relieve conditions that affect your head and ear area including sinus problems, compacted earwax, tinnitus and headaches.

Express Therapy

Effective remedies to soothe and calm in under an hour.

Recovery // 45 mins $110 | M $99
Tension dissolving recovery for cleansing, relaxing and peace of mind.
Back Exfoliation : Hot Stone Back Massage : Scalp Massage

Remedy // 45 mins $110 | M $99
The ideal rescue remedy for busy people on the move.
Scalp : Hand : Foot Massage

Renewal // 45 mins $115 | M $105
A complexion boost to send puffiness, dark circles and lacklustre skin packing.
Express Facial : Eye Mask

Sacred Nature Therapy // 45 mins
$115 | M $105
A gentle and organic certified body exfoliation, warm compress and express body massage delivers a delicate balance of health and purity. Ideal if sensitive or recovering from illness.

Massage Therapy // 30 mins $82 | M $74
A massage to focus on the areas you most need attention.

Facial Therapy // 30 mins
$82 | M $74
This express facial leaves skin vibrant, energised and lifted.

Scalp Therapy // 30 mins $82 | M $74
Scalp, neck and shoulders are soothed with relaxing tranquillity techniques.

Hand and Foot Therapy

Treat hardworking hands and feet to a little TLC.

Luxe Manicure // 60 mins $115 | M $105
Lots of attention delivers polished hands you will be proud to wave about.
Hand Cleanse : Exfoliation : Mask : Massage : Cuticles : Shape : File & Polish

Luxe Pedicure // 75 mins $140 | M $125
A luxurious experience that delivers tidy feet, fit for a star.
Foot Cleanse : Scrub : Heels : Mask : Massage : Cuticles : Shape : File & Polish

Spa Manicure // 45 mins $90 | M $80
A personal grooming basic that offers a quick tidy of fingers and hands.

Spa Pedicure // 45 mins $90 | M $80
Tired feet deserve a quick tidy of toes and a hydrating heel and foot treatment to finish.

Sole Therapy // 30 mins
$82 | M $74
Let your soles soak up some tranquillity with a cleansing foot and leg scrub and a pressure point massage to refresh and energise.

French Polish // 15 mins $20 | M $15
For a natural finish, add french polish to your mani or pedi.

Note: Please wear open-toe shoes to ensure longevity of toenail polish. Take care of polish by allowing sufficient drying time after your service.

Grooming Services

One Spa offers makeovers and other finishing touches for a well-groomed result.

Makeup Artistry
Using ISSADA makeup, our artist will have you looking glam for that special occasion.

Daytime // 30 mins $60 | M $55
Event // 60 mins $96 | M $89
Bridal // 75 mins $120 | M $109

Makeup Consultation 
Time for a new look? Have a fun and informative consultation with a makeup specialist. 

Makeup Consultation // 15 mins $35 | M $30
Consultation redeemable on makeup purchase.

Spray Tan
Achieve the holiday glow with our deluxe spray tan.

Tan // 20 mins  $50 | M $45 
Body Exfoliation & Tan // 60 mins  $110 | M $99

Ladies Waxing


Eyebrow Wax $30 | M $25
Lip / Chin $22 | M $20 
Lip, Chin & Eyebrows $66 | M $60
Sides of Face $40 | M $35 
Underarm $30 | M $25
Full Arm $42 | M $35  
Half Arm $30 | M $25 
Full Leg + Brazilian $112 | M $102 
Full Leg + G-String $100 | M $90
Full Leg + Bikini Standard $88 | M $80 
Full Leg $68 | M $62 
Half Leg + Brazilian $85 | M $75 
Half Leg + G-String $72 | M $65
Half Leg + Bikini Standard $65 | M $60
Half Leg (Includes Knee) $42 | M $38 
Brazilian $62 | M $55 
Brazilian (Maintenance 6 weeks) $55 | M $48
G-String Bikini $50 | M $45
Bikini Line Standard $42 | M $38

Men’s Waxing

Chest $46 | M $42 Neck $22 | M $20
Back & Shoulders $58 | M $54
Full Arm $48 | M $45
Stomach $28 | M $25
Full Leg $75 | M $68
Half Leg $49 | M $45
Speedo Line $35 | M $30
Eyebrow $30 | M $25


Eyelash Tint $35 | M $30
Eyebrow Tint $28 | M $25
Eyebrow Wax & Tint $50 | M $45
Lash & Brow Tint $50 | M $45

Skin and lifestyle products

Enhance your skin-care regime with our exclusive product offering. With a selection of hydrating creams, revitalising face masks, and clinical-grade cosmetics, you’ll be set for lighter, brighter and healthier looking skin. Be sure to ask your Spa Host about which product is best for your needs at your next appointment.


[ comfort zone ]

Innovative skincare brand [comfort zone] was founded in Parma, Italy in 1996. From humble beginnings as a family-owned business, the organisation is now globally represented in some of the world’s leading spas and hotels – including our own.

Dedicated to putting the soul in scientifically formulated skincare, [comfort zone] collaborates with doctors and scientists so that every skin-care solution is as advanced, effective and nourishing as it can be. Sustainably manufactured and using only the finest natural-origin ingredients and high-tech molecules, their products deliver the best for your skin and the environment by remaining free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colours and animal derivatives.

One Spa is delighted to use [comfort zone] products in a range of our spa treatments and packages.

Comfort Zone spa products on stone shelf



Launched in 2000, Australian-owned cosmetics brand Issada specialises in Treatment Makeup and Mineral Makeup with a focus on skin health. Their specifically formulated solutions are produced from the finest ingredients available, promising smooth textures, rich colour pigments and Hollywood-style results.


Here at One Spa, we use a range of brushes and cosmetics from the Issada collection to ensure the look you leave with is the envy of all!

lined up tubes of Issada sun screen

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