The RACV Club Library collections holds over 14,000 books on a wide range of topics. We pride ourselves on providing Club members access to a wide range of genres. While the City Club makes books on business and personal finance, food and wine, motoring, sport and travel available, our collection's strengths are in our range of books on Information Technology and walking.

Travel books

Walking holidays are popular with travellers exploring historic or scenic routes all around the globe, ranging from arduous wilderness treks to gentle urban strolls. The library collection holds a range of resources to assist in planning for this type of holiday, including

  • travel guide series for walkers, such as the Automobile Association and Lonely Planet's walking guides
  • specialist walking series from publishers such as Cicerone, TrailBlazer and Falcon
  • official guides on specific route systems, such as the UK National trail system
  • technical works on wilderness and survival techniques
  • travel writing about walking
  • maps for key hiking destinations
  • series on camping

Staff can also assist in locating online resources, including Apps.

IT books

The RACV City Club Library offers hundreds of items on information technology and allied topics.  An emphasis on easy-to-understand books intended to provide practical support to the novice and non-IT professional as available alongside a selection of magazines.

Among the many topics covered are

  • Hardware – From desktop to laptops, tablet to e-readers, smart phones to the latest wearable technology, there are how-to-guides on most major computing devices including  PCs, Apple Macs, iPhones, Galaxy Nexus, iPad, Kindle and Apple Watch
  • Software – There are an equally diverse selection of works on a computer programs including
    • Operating systems such as Windows, Apple OS and Android
    • Office suites such as Microsoft Office as well as individual titles on specific programs within such suites like Word or Excel
    • Particular types of programs such as Apps
    • Programs for specific tasks such as photography (Photoshop) or accounting (Quicken)
  • Internet – Alongside overviews of the subject, the collection contains books on
    • Online security when using the internet
    • Social media – In addition to overviews of the concept, works are held on individual platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as coverage of popular activities such as blogging and podcasting
    • Storage options such as cloud computing

All books are available for loan.

The magazine titles held are:

  • Australian personal computer
  • Computer choice
  • Macworld
  • PC & Tech authority
  • Wired

Current issues of these titles are held on display for use in the Library with older issues available for loan.