Why do people join clubs?

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Danny Baggs

Posted August 11, 2022

Clubs help people meet like-minded people, share common interests, advance careers and wellbeing and try new experiences. Here are the top reasons to join a club as an adult.

Social and member clubs around Victoria are full of vibrant busy people who love life. They're a great way to reconnect with the world after pandemic lockdowns. Here are the four reasons why you should join a club.

Why you should join a club

To make new friends and expand your social circles

From its earliest conception, a members club has existed to bring people together and facilitate connection. The Middle Ages’ Masonic Lodges, the hetaireiai in Ancient Greece and the Mithraic Mysteries of Ancient Rome were all early conceptions of a members club.

Joining a club allows you to meet new and like-minded people who live or work in the same general area as yourself, or share similar interests. It's that sense of welcome and belonging that keeps club members coming back year after year. Many club members even find that they forge life-long friendships through their club, spending their down time together, which is even more important as isolation and loneliness grows in the wake of the pandemic. 
RACV Club Members Mark Evans and David Addis have been meeting regularly at the Club's Carbine Bar for more than a decade. “You start to see people having lunch at the same time and you get to know them,” David said. “It’s a bit like the ’80s TV program Cheers.”

Both Mark and David are avid footy fans, with Mark supporting the Carlton Blues and David the Richmond Tigers – though both agree that Melbourne is “the best side going around”. A decade after their meeting, Mark and David continue to debate footy results, childhood footy fandom, and of course what they should grab for lunch at their catchups.

two men drinking beer in football scarves

Mark Evans and David Addis meet regularly at the RACV Club's Carbine Bar to discuss footy. Image: Supplied

To improve your physical and mental wellbeing

It’s a well-known fact that the more active you are, the more energy you have throughout the day. Health and wellbeing are seeing a big uptick post-pandemic, but staying fit and focussed is hard on your own. Most people find it easier to exercise in a group setting, or with an expert’s helping hand.

That’s why members clubs facilitate connection and empower members to improve their health and wellbeing through sporting and fitness facilities like gyms, pools, squash courts or golf courses. With the company of new friends at the club, it’s easier than ever to stay motivated and show up to your workouts or social games.

RACV Club Personal Trainer Amy O’Sullivan is passionate about her fitness classes at the club’s Melbourne CBD gym, Amy says it’s the sustained improvement in Member health and wellbeing that brings her great personal satisfaction. “The improvement I’ve seen in Member fitness, both physical and mental, is so drastic,” Amy said. “I’ve seen every single Member increase their strength, and cardio fitness, as well as increase and maintain their bone density and muscle mass.”

woman on treadmill in gym at RACV City Club

Sporting club facilities like a gym and pool can help you become fitter. Image: Lucas Allen

To advance your professional career

In the wake of the pandemic, many workers have less in-office days and in-person events, making it harder to develop business relationships and widen networking opportunities. Some clubs can help you embrace this new way of working by providing vibrant coworking spaces with hireable meeting rooms and networking events to keep yourself connected throughout the working day. You can organically nurture new business relationships over a round of golf or a wine in the lounge. 
To seriously ingrain yourself in the business relationship culture of a club, sign up for a mentoring program. The benefits of mentoring are recognised across different industries, with leading mentor programs giving professionals the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise that enables career and personal growth.

The RACV Mentoring Program has an abundance of success stories.

To enjoy new activities and learn new things

Whatever you enjoy spending your free time on, a good members or social club is sure to cater to your interests. Some clubs may even offer a wide variety of events that encourage members to learn new things, as well as enjoy their favourite pastimes. For example, RACV Club offers trivia nights, book clubs, wine clubs, lectures, day trips, concerts, exhibitions, cooking classes and more, developed from member feedback.

Take RACV Club Members Fiona Barden and Jahn Buhrman, who met in 2016 through a Spanish language class that the Club offered through the Centre for Adult Education (CAE). They soon discovered their shared interest in mahjong, and Fiona quickly began facilitating evening mahjong group at the RACV City Club.

“We don’t take it so seriously that we score,” said Fiona. “We talk about books and movies, travel and family, and there’s men and women; it’s just easy going. Everyone gets to play with different people every month, and we are happy to assist beginners."

“It is a great group: relaxed and fun," added Jahn. “There’s no stress, and we are able to play at different levels, depending on our experience.”


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