The RACV City Club Library offers hundreds of items on information technology and allied topics.  An emphasis on easy-to-understand books intended to provide practical support to the novice and non-IT professional as available alongside a selection of magazines.

Among the many topics covered are

  • Hardware – From desktop to laptops, tablet to e-readers, smart phones to the latest wearable technology, there are how-to-guides on most major computing devices including  PCs, iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, Galaxy Nexus, iPad, Kindle and Apple Watch
  • Software – There are an equally diverse selection of works on a computer programs including
    • Operating systems such as Windows, Apple OS and Android
    • Office suites such as Microsoft Office as well as individual titles on specific programs within such suites like Word or Excel
    • Particular types of programs such as Apps
    • Programs for specific tasks such as photography (Photoshop) or accounting (Quicken)
  • Internet – Alongside overviews of the subject, the collection contains books on
    • Online security when using the internet
    • Social media – In addition to overviews of the concept, works are held on individual platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as coverage of popular activities such as blogging and podcasting
    • Storage options such as cloud computing

All books are available for loan.

The magazine titles held are:

  • Australian personal computer
  • Computer choice
  • Macworld
  • PC & Tech authority
  • Wired

Current issues of these titles are held on display for use in the Library with older issues available for loan.