Operation of the RACV Club is governed by the RACV Club by-laws.


Enjoyment of the RACV Club is dependent on the considerate behaviour of all fellow members and their guests.


Etiquette guidelines are designed to cater for all members’ preferences and lifestyle needs. For the comfort and convenience of all members your cooperation in adhering to the etiquette guidelines is appreciated.


Admission to Club Premises

Your membership card provides access to the Club and its facilities including the car park. It is a condition of entry that a member produce a current Club membership card. Management has the right to request your membership card at anytime on Club premises.


It is important to swipe your card at the entrance to the City Club car park to receive Club Member rates.


Membership cards are not transferable. A Member must not lend to another person or permit another person to use the Member’s RACV Club Membership card to gain access to the Club premises or for any other purposes.


As a member, you can sponsor family and friends to stay at the Club as your guest, even when you are not in attendance. The booking must be made by the member on behalf of their guest and guests will be charged the standard rate for accommodation.


Guests can attend a maximum of six member interest group events per year.


On all other occasions a member must be in attendance and sign their guests into the Club.


Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.


Members bringing children to the Club are asked to supervise them and respect the rights and privileges of other members.


Children of any age under the supervision of a member/guardian are welcome in all areas of RACV Club properties, except in the bars, the Gymnasium and Billiards Room.


Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the gymnasium or One Spa.


Children under 16 years of age must not be left unattended in accommodation rooms.


Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the sauna or steam room.


Children 10 years of age and under must be actively supervised in the aquatic areas at all times.


Children under five years of age are not permitted in the spa.

Baby Change Facilities

Facilities are located in all disabled bathrooms, found on the City Club Ground Level, Levels One, Two and 17. 


A Parents room is available for feeding and changing babies on Level Two, opposite the Members’ Lounge at Healesville. 

Dress Code

RACV Club aims to provide a warm and friendly environment for members and a neat and tidy appearance is required at all times. To avoid embarrassment or inconvenience, the dress code policy is outlined below.


RACV Club Venues (except RACV City Club Members’ Dining Room)

Smart casual is the minimum dress requirement for entry. Children are also required to adhere to the dress standards and should not wear thongs. Discretion will be used in the case of young children.

Smart casual does not include thongs, torn or ripped jeans, ugg boots, singlets, tank tops, sports shorts, board shorts, baseball caps, torn T-shirts or T-shirts with inappropriate slogans.


Members’ Dining Room: City Club

Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt and a jacket is preferred. Ladies should wear equally appropriate attire.


Billiards Room

The minimum dress standard for entry for men is a collared shirt, trousers, shoes and socks; polo shirts are acceptable. Ladies should wear equally appropriate attire.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and any damage to the billiard tables or equipment.

Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the billiards room.


Fitness Centre

Members entering the Fitness Centre dressed in sports attire should enter and depart through the Chancery Lane Foyer on Lower Ground Level (City Club) or the Lobby on Level 1 (Healesville Country Club & Resort).

Change Rooms

In the interests of the comfort and safety of all our members we kindly ask members with children of the opposite gender aged seven years and over to use one of the family change rooms.


Please note that family change rooms must be used under supervision.


Smoking is not permitted on Club property.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is permitted in all areas of the Club. In the Library, Level Two of the Shared Work Space and Members' Dining Room, members are requested to have their mobile phones set to silent mode and to not make or receive phone calls.


As a courtesy and a sign of mutual respect, members using group activity areas (for example Billiards room, Fitness Centre, etc) are asked to have their mobile phones set to ‘silent’ and to restrict their use to an absolute minimum.


In consideration of other guests, presentations may not be made in Club dining areas. Please inform staff if presentations are required so that alternative arrangements can be made in advance. Speeches and their contents are to remain private to Members in attendance.

Guide Dog and Assistance Dog Rules

Members are advised that pets cannot be properly catered for at any Club venue, and with the exception of Guide and Assistance Dogs, are not permitted on any Club site including the car park.

Use of the Club

You cannot use the Club Premises as your permanent place of business or business address. You cannot canvas for business, or in respect of any political or municipal election or insurance or assurance.

Reciprocal Clubs

A Member wishing to visit a Reciprocal Club according to the Club’s Reciprocal arrangements should make the reservation themselves and request a letter of introduction via the Club Membership team. Members visiting Reciprocal Clubs must comply with the rules and regulations of the Reciprocal Club and the Member must settle their account on departure.


The facilities and services of the RACV Club are available for the enjoyment of Reciprocal Members. Any discounts or benefits available to RACV Club Members are not available for Reciprocal Club Members.

Feedback: We’re here to help

Hearing from you is valuable so we can improve experiences for our Club Members and guests. If you have a compliment, an insight or you are not satisfied with an experience or service we’ve provided you can submit feedback via Club Membership.


Phone: 1300 501 501 
Email: clubmembership@racv.com.au
Address: RACV Club Membership
501 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


A team member will try to resolve the matter, but if they can't you'll be referred to a manager who will take over your complaint.

If you are not satisfied by our initial response and you do not feel a fair and prompt resolution was reached, you can request a review of your complaint by a Senior Manager of RACV Club via Club Membership details listed above.


Protecting your privacy is important to RACV. The Privacy Charter explains how we collect, handle and safeguard your personal information.

Club Members must not disclose the personal information of other Member (including their email addresses) to another party, without the express prior permission of that Member.

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