Club activities need to be booked before your visit, and the opening hours of some outlets have changed. View the latest information and arrange your bookings today.

RACV Country Club has been designed to cater for every member need. View the list of facilities and amenities below.

  • Car Park

    A car park with 300 car spaces is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Family Facilities

    The Country Club offers fun and entertaining school holiday programs – including movie nights, cooking classes and performances – as well as year-round activities such as competitions, art and craft workshops and swimming lessons.

  • Lobby Shop

    The lobby shop features a wide selection of wines and a variety of giftware, stationary, local produce and handcrafts for purchase. Gift wrapping is available from Reception.

  • Club Map

    Map of the Club

  • Improvements to Healesville Country Club

    Find out what feedback and changes are being invested in and put into action at RACV Healesville Country Club and what this means for Club Members.

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