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Healesville welcomes a nutritionist to the team

"Josh approached us as a qualified nutritionist who wanted to train as a chef," says David Martin, the Club's Executive Chef. "As Josh progresses in his role, he'll be involved in shaping the menu at Healesville." The newcomer's contribution to the Club brings even greater potential, with Josh looking to offer nutritional consultations to the gym in the future, building healthy eating plans to enhance the wellness of members. "I always wanted to be a nutritionist as well as a chef," says Josh who studied at Deakin University and has a passion for food and health. "A career advisor suggested I study first and then take on an apprenticeship to fulfill my dream. I'm pretty excited to be on board to take this next step." A deeper understanding of food and its role in health is more important than ever as the needs of the community increasingly require menu options to accommodate allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices."

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