Welsh Castle

Kenneth Park Lectures

Wonderful Wales

Date: Friday 14 September

Venue: Level 2, Club Room

Time: 11:00am - noon

Cost: $15 per person, includes talk

Rich in history and natural beauty, Wales has a living and distinctive Celtic culture. Wales is famous for its beautiful landscape, wealth of history and large number of castles and historical sites. 

The Art of the Victorian Era

Date: Tuesday 2 October

Venue: Level 2, Club Room

Time: 11:00am - noon

Cost: $15 per person, includes talk

This broadly sweeping lecture examines the art of the Victorian Age covering the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood to animal painting, the Aesthetic movement to Classical Revival, as well as encounters with greats of the day such as Turner, Edward Burner-Jones, Edwin Landseer and more.