RACV’s Heritage Vehicle Collection Exclusive Tour

The Melbourne Tram Museum

Men’s Group – Healesville

Tuesday 21 November

Time: 10.30am-noon

Location: Meet at The Melbourne Tram Museum, 8 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn

Cost: $15 per person

Situated close to the Yarra River, the museum houses 21 fully restored trams including a ‘toast-rack’ V-class from 1906. The V-class was one of the first electric trams to hit the Melbourne streets. There are several versions of the W-class tram and even a prototype Z-class, which led into the more modern fleet of trams we see today, as they were introduced around the mid ‘70s.

The Melbourne Tram Museum offers a wealth of information about the history of Melbourne’s trams, from the influences and people who helped craft and shape them, and the technology that has turned and changed them into the modern-day trams we enjoy today. There are artefacts on display and plenty of exhibitions.

Note that a waitlist applies for this event. Please contact Healesville Country Club to get added to the list.