Wendy Matthews next to graffiti wall

Rooftop Dinner with Wendy Matthews

Wendy Matthews performs her Greatest Hits and Billie & Me - a tribute to Billie Holiday's music.

Date: Friday 15 February 2019
Venue: Level 17, City Club
Time: 7pm
Cost: $130 per person includes three-course dinner*, beverages and concert
With accommodation: $320 single; $450 double/twin

As an artist Wendy Matthews has an expressive voice that never fails to move those who hear it. Her music is an unhurried journey of clean melodies, infectious energy and simple grace, In an age where uber-production techniques are thought to be hip and cynicism an attribute, Wendy has proven that commitment to beauty is still not only valid but applauded by the public ear.

You can expect an intimate show with an introspective translation of some classic and not-so-classic Billie Holiday masterpieces, including 'God Bless the Child' and 'Good Morning Heartache'. Additionally, Wendy and her band will also perform a handful of songs from Wendy’s highly successful career, fitting into a similar vein, including ‘The Day You Went Away’, ‘Woman's Got To Have It’, ‘Token Angels’ and ‘I Don’t Want to be With Nobody But You’.

A show not to be missed!

*Shared table event. Private tables for groups of eight to 10.