Kenneth Park Lecture

Painting the French Countryside

With Professor Peter McPhee

 Monday 16 July

Venue: Healesville Country Club

Time: Noon - 2pm

Cost: $55 per person, includes arrival drink and two-course lunch

Some of our most loved and famous paintings are of the beautiful French countryside. Join French history expert Professor Peter McPhee as he explores the paintings of Millet, Courbet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet and others in the 1840-1920 period. Why did they paint the countryside, when this was not always the fashionable thing to do?

And how did they paint it? How was their art affected by the changing society and politics of the 19th century?

See and learn more about some of the most recognisable and iconic French paintings, such as Van Gogh’s paintings of Provence and Monet's water lillies.