Half-Price Winter Cart Special

Susannah Fullerton Double Lecture

Scene of the Crime

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Time: 11am-3pm

Venue: Healesville Country Club

Cost: $70 per person, includes double lecture, two-course lunch, welcome drink, tea and coffee

Inspector Morse in Oxford

The first lecture visits beautiful Oxford, entrenched in the minds of readers and TV viewers as the home of eccentric Inspector Morse. Take a tour in the footsteps of the music-loving, crossword-solving, beer-drinking detective.

Inspector Brunetti in Venice

The second lecture turns to Venice where Guido Brunetti hunts out killers, eats his wife Paola's amazing food and worries about the corruption taking over his beloved city. Explore Venice, its canals, palazzos and islands as imagined in Donna Leon's fabulous novels.