RACV Club is very pleased to offer the RACV Club Mentor Program, our goal is to bring together Club members of different accomplishments, ages and talents to share knowledge and expertise outside the confines of individual workplaces.


RACV Club has a large and diverse membership base, with experience across a wide range of industries and executive roles. The program seeks to pair younger, professional Club members with more experienced, professional Club members, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise. 


The program will run for approximately four months. We recommend that you arrange between seven and eight mentor meetings (about every two weeks) during this time to gain the greatest value from the program. The Induction and Finale Dinner dates are compulsory and availability must be confirmed prior to beginning the program.


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Features of the Program


Michael James will oversee the program to provide guidance and support to both

mentors and mentees.


Michael is a professional board director, board advisor and executive coach to senior executives and board directors of services organisations in both private and publicly listed environments.


Features include:

  • Introductory launch session
  • Individual pairing
  • Framework of suggested sessions
  • Mentor Program co-ordination and support
  • Web-based tool (Mentorloop) to assist with resources and connecting with your mentor
  • Guidelines, recommended support resources and a workbook
  • Regular email communication to provide assistance and support through the program
  • And a celebratory session at the conclusion of the program.

Goals of the program

  • Promote and support personal and professional development of members
  • Facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between mentors and mentees
  • Provide members with opportunities to reflect on and enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Enable mentees to develop skills, knowledge and confidence in their own careers
  • Encourage members to actively engage at RACV Club with other members and develop their professional networks.


Mentoring can be invaluable in contributing to personal and career development. RACV Club also provides a convenient, comfortable and safe space for members to hold mentor meetings anytime throughout the day.


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For more information, contact the Program Coordinators at mentoring@racv.com.au or call (03) 9944 8876