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A note from Christian

Wine Travel Without Moving

If scent and flavour can bring back childhood memories, wine can transport you to distant regions without moving. This is just what happened when I was confronted by wines from an unknown (to me) wine region, made by an unknown winery using never heard-of grape varietals.

It's kind of hard to do a tasting when you need to Google everything and it's a good reminder to stay humble—we know so little. The island in question is Bozcaada off the western coast of Turkey. This former Greek island is an idyllic, less populated tourist destination. Corvus is the island's most respected producer, founded in 2002, however the wine culture dates to ancient times and harbours several native varieties such as Kuntra, Karalahna, and Vasilaki.

The standout in my tasting was a blend of Kuntra and Karalahna under Corvus's Rarum label. A six-year-old blend showing great potential with sturdy but polished tannins, a well-structured palate with savoury fruity edge and good elegant length. The Slowfood Foundation says production of these varieties is declining, threatened by tourism and lack of general interest. So, yes, I've placed an order but it will take time to make its way from their island to ours.

Christian Maier, RACV Club and Resorts Sommelier

Sommelier's Wine Pack



Our Healesville Country Club cellar holds a trove of hidden gems. Let assistant sommelier Scott Coleman select a special drop from our collection, including local and interstate varieties as well as rare and unusual vintages.


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