RACV Club is proud to offer Members complimentary access to an exclusive Mentoring Program.  


Designed for Club Members who are looking to invest in their professional and personal growth, the Mentoring Program matches like-minded Club Members through a structured 14-week program, designed for both Mentees and Mentors to share knowledge, insights and experiences to further advance their careers. 


What can you expect as a Mentee? 

Mentees determine their own success and enjoyment throughout the program, as it is their development that will be the focus. The program is designed for the mentee to take advantage of being paired with an experienced Club Member who acts as a mentor, to develop and learn through a shared experience.


Mentees are required to manage the relationship with their mentor, including planning meetings, setting agendas and ensuring the best use of the allocated time and available resources.


What can you expect as a Mentor? 

Mentors are professionally paired with a mentee to provide guidance, support, practical understanding and feedback. Whilst the focus of the program is largely on the mentee and their development, mentors play an essential and fulfilling role in the overall success of the program. To be a part of the program, you don’t need to have mentored before. The prerequisite is that you have professional experience and are comfortable sharing your learnings with a fellow Club Member.

To register your interest for the next intake, please contact the team on 

03 9944 8888 or email mentoring@racv.com.au.



Key benefits of the program

RACV Club mentor and mentee


Be paired with like-minded Members 

Mentees and mentors are professionally paired based on professional backgrounds and skills identified through an expression of interest process. Pairs are matched based on the knowledge, insights and experiences they can bring to the program. 

RACV Club mentor and mentee


Exclusive and Complimentary 

There is no cost involved for Club Members to be a part of the Mentoring program. The RACV Mentoring Program is exclusive to RACV Club Members only. 


For more information on the program, we have provided some frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, please contact our Club Events team via email mentoring@racv.com.au or call on 03 9944 8888.


When did the Mentoring Program start and why?

The Mentoring Program started in 2018. RACV Club is very fortunate to have a diverse Member base, with many experienced Members from a vast array of industries as well as those who are early into their career or looking for a change. As an extension of the strong Club community, the Mentoring Program was born to share experiences between Members in a structured and professional way.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Mentoring Program? 

The Club Mentoring Program gives fellow Club Members the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals through a structured mentee and mentor professional and personal development program. 


Mentees and mentors are professionally matched based on the skills and goals identified through an application process. The program is run over 14 weeks and begins with an induction evening and concludes with a celebration reception.

How is the program run? 

The Club Mentoring Program is overseen and supported by Michael James. Michael is an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Public Speaker that runs his own business, EvolveXP. With over 25 years of professional development coaching, Michael alongside the RACV Club Events team, will provide the structure and platforms for mentees and mentors to make the most out of the mentoring program. 

Is there a cost involved to be a part of the program? 

There is no cost involved to be a part of the Club Mentoring program. The program is exclusive to RACV Club Members only.  


All mentees and mentors are encouraged to use the Club facilities and enjoy Member benefits to organise their meetings, including complimentary access to the Shared Workspace located on Level 1 and 2 of the City Club. There are also discounts on all food and beverages at Bourke Street Green with 10% off when you pay by cash or card, or 15% off when you charge direct to your Club account.  

How are mentees and mentors matched? 

In the registration form for the mentor program, you will be asked to share your professional background, skills and what you would like to achieve in the program.


The mentoring program will endeavour to match mentors and mentees appropriately so you can get the most out of the program. 

What happens if I do not get matched in an intake?

Not all Club Members who apply for the Mentoring Program get matched for the immediate intake. This is in no way a reflection of their skills or experience, there simply may not be an appropriate match at that point in time. Those not matched for a particular intake are the first to be considered for the next intake.

What do previous Mentors think about the program?

“I have now been a Mentor for the past few years and in that time I hope that the mentees I have mentored, have got as much out of the program as I have. Being honest I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined the program, however it has really opened my way of thinking and made me realise not to accept that what I take for granted and how I react in certain circumstances is not necessarily the same as to how other people would react.


This program gives you the capability to meet people from all different types of work backgrounds and help those that may need some guidance in every day work situations that I have perhaps had experience in. People tend to think that it is a one way relationship in that the mentor is giving help and advice to the mentee, however in this program it is anything but. I have learnt about so many different industries and importantly what makes a person work in these industries and

what their drivers are. This then leads to discussions on areas they would perhaps like help in.


One of the reasons that the program works so well, is the organisation that goes on in the background. Whether it is matching the mentors and mentees together or organising team catch ups Michael, Sarah and their team are very professional in how they go about this. During each mentorship there is enough communication between the organisers and the participants to ensure the smooth running of the program. I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to someone, whether it be as a mentor or a mentee, and I look forward to next year when hopefully the next program will be launched.”


David, Mentor


“This program provides value for both mentor & mentee. My mentees generally come from the ICT (Information Communications & Technology) industry. Though there have been significant changes in the technology since I was active in that field, many of the people, management, leadership & organisational challenges remain the same. So it is rewarding to see the value mentees get from exposure to frameworks and models that I used in a previous life. I benefit through the challenges to my own paradigms through exposure to current technologies, work cultures and issues faced by my mentees.”


Jim, Mentor

What do previous Mentees think about the program?

“I found the mentorship program really valuable in helping me with my career progression. It was great having someone with a lot of experience in navigating their own career to bounce questions from and to help me work through some tricky questions of my own. The Club also put a lot of upfront effort into explaining the mentor and mentee relationship so we could get the most out of it. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with their own 'big questions' about their futures.”


Victoria, Mentee


“Joining the RACV Club mentor program allowed me to be partnered with a mentor from a different field, giving me an invaluable insight into another industry and allowing me to compare my own experiences with that of a more experienced member. I was looking for guidance in my next career and whether or not I should pursue post graduate studies, which I was able to run through scenarios and ask for guidance from my mentor Brian. With his years of experience, he was able to provide me with stories of his own experiences and helped me find useful resources to help with my decision making. We also had opportunity to discuss our interests and I got some fantastic book recommendations from Brian. I really valued my experience with the mentor program as I felt more engaged with the club community and I really enjoyed the events that were arranged for the mentors and mentees as I discovered new places to use my membership and learn from other members on what they get out of their memberships. Overall, I highly recommend the program to any members that are wanting to join in with the club community and learn from other members in the community”


Caitlin, Mentee

Any queries please contact:

mentoring@racv.com.au | 03 9944 8888

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