How to improve your work-life balance today

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Blanche Clark

Posted June 30, 2022

A healthy work-life balance is important and achievable when you have access to a coworking space, fitness centre, nutritional food and leisure activities all in one place.

Our modern lives demand juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, and it can be challenging finding a suitable balance between work and personal needs, particularly if you have family commitments. 

However, it's important for our health and wellbeing to make sure we are set up for success at work, eat well, exercise, relax, spend time with friends and family, and get enough sleep.

Working for long periods without leaving your desk is a sure way to burn out, but setting yourself up in an environment that's conducive with getting exercise, eating healthy meals and socialising can help.

The RACV Club, a lifestyle club catering for the social, leisure and business needs of Club Members, not only has a coworking space in Melbourne's CBD, but also a fitness centre, restaurants and leisure activities at both its properties in the city and Yarra Valley, and it’s easy to apply online to join

People working in co-working space

RACV Club's Shared Workspace has a variety of seating arrangements to suit your work requirements. Photo: Sean Fenessey


Ahead of the game

RACV Club opened its Shared Workspace in September 2019, responding to a demand for a flexible working space in Melbourne’s CBD.

RACV Club Operations Manager Amanda Rottmann says the Shared Workspace complements an incredible range of facilities and Member experiences, including the Fitness Centre and swimming pool, One Spa, multiple dining venues, member interest groups like the Club Mentor Program, and a carpark with e-stations for electric vehicles.

“The Shared Workspace was designed by award-winning architects Bates Smart to be conducive to all different work styles,” Rottmann says.

“The first floor has an abundance of natural light, indoor plants and double-height windows that offer magnificent views of the surrounding historic buildings. There are also various spaces, from small booths—for those times when you need to focus—to lounge chairs and open spaces when your work schedule is more relaxed.”

Advance your professional career with the Club Mentor Program.

Coffee and connections

Another essential ingredient to the Shared Workspace’s success is the café with Modbar, which is an under-the-counter espresso coffee maker.

“The emphasis is on creating a welcoming experience for Members,” Rottmann says. “So rather than having a noisy commercial espresso machine, the Modbar is more discreet and allows those lovely engaging conversations that happen at the Club.”

The Shared Workspace also sells healthy food, such as fruit salad, yoghurt and sandwiches, to help keep you well fuelled and productive. If you need something more substantial, the newly renovated Bistro on the ground floor serves contemporary, international cuisine.

Meeting room

RACV Club Members have a choice of seven meeting rooms to book. Photo: Milk Bottle Projects


Professional meeting rooms

On Level 2 of the City Club there are seven private meeting rooms, catering for two to 24 guests, which Club Members can book for an additional fee. 

“These meeting rooms are soundproof and have all the technical requirements for presentations and video calls,” Rottmann says. “There’s also a small lounge area if people want to take a break or have an informal chat outside the meeting room.” 

Woman on treadmill in gym

RACV Club has a fitness centre and pool to complement the Shared Workspace. Photo: Lucas Allen


Work and play

Rottmann says it’s common for Members to use the Fitness Centre or attend a group fitness class before coming to the Shared Workspace for a light breakfast and then work.

Having close access to a swimming pool, gym and squash courts also means you can exercise any time throughout the day to clear your head and return to work with new ideas and renewed vigour. 

“Members will work for a couple of hours before their first meeting or organise to have lunch with a business associate in the in-house Bistro, or Sojourn restaurant in New Chancery Lane. They also know they can work solidly and end the day with a drink at Sojourn’s rooftop bar or the in-house Wine Bar.


Hotel room

Club Members can sponsor friends and interstate colleagues to stay at RACV Club. Photo: Lucas Allen


Accommodation for guests

Another major benefit for Club Members is the ability to sponsor guests—be they friends or interstate colleagues—to stay in City Club accommodation at a non-member rate. Guests get complimentary access to the Shared Workspace and Fitness Centre during their stay, and a full buffet breakfast if they choose.

“The Shared Workspace is popular with Club Members,” Rottmann says. “As a member you can book a meeting, catch-up with friends and enjoy all that the CBD has to offer.”

There are membership options that include access to the Shared Workspace, or Club Members can book and pay per visit for occasional use.



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