Food related disorders and allergies have increased significantly over the past ten years placing increasing pressure on restaurants, hotels, clubs and catering companies to provide quality alternatives on their menus.

Requests from members with dietary restrictions have steadily increased and prompted a need to evaluate the food offering at Healesville Country Club to ensure all members have a similar dining experience without fear of an allergic reaction.

A key frustration for our members has been low levels of understanding by service staff and chefs regarding restrictions for certain food allergies or disorders, therefore hindering the ability of staff to deliver a consistent level of service to all members.

Healesville Country Club created the mymenu concept - a dietary alternative that allows members with dietary concerns to eat with as much choice and freedom as possible without complication.

mymenu removes the ad hoc approach to servicing these restrictions by offering members a menu that covers all common dietary related conditions such as lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan along with the confidence that staff understand their dietary restrictions, a service not fully catered for by other establishments.

mymenu is also available at the City Club.

Terrace Bistro My Menu

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New Menu Selections
mymenu provides a high-quality range of menu options for members with dietary restrictions or preferences.

New mymenu items have been introduced for raw, paleo and vegan members, as well as a selection of fructose friendly desserts.
Venue: All dining outlets
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