RACV Club membership can be transferred under some circumstances when a member passes away or becomes incapacitated which severely limits the member’s use of Club facilities. The membership can be transferred to a spouse, partner, child or a grandchild. The transfer needs to be applied by using the form link below. The application for transfer will then be presented at the RACV Club & Resorts Committee meeting for approval. Membership numbers are not transferable.

The Club membership joining fee is waived for all transfer applications, however a subscription fee may apply. Club membership years and concession entitlements are transferable to a spouse or partner only. A transfer to a child or grandchild will be treated as a new Club membership. A child or grandchild must be a minimum 18 years old to a maximum 27 years old.
Membership Cancellation

Upon receiving advice of a deceased member, the membership will be deactivated. The finalisation of the member’s account and any potential refund is normally processed within four weeks.
Club Membership Application Form.