RACV survey reveals car service costs decreasing

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Posted January 31, 2020

Family finances are determining when Victorians get their cars serviced but the good news is that costs are coming down, according to the latest RACV data.

Analysis of prices over the past five years has revealed that vehicle servicing has become relatively more affordable.

Looking at scheduled and unscheduled servicing over the past five years, RACV found that, as a percentage of the total cost, the cost of vehicle servicing has fallen.

Car servicing costs 2015 - 2019


Total service costs*

% of total costs**
















* average servicing figures from RACV vehicle operating costs survey 2015-2019
** percentage of the total costs of owning and operating a new vehicle over a 5 year period
Full methodology can be found at racv.com.au/carculator

RACV figures also show vehicle servicing spikes in February and July.

RACV’s Service Centre Manager, Michael Pascoe, said financial considerations played a big part in the timing.

“We typically see the biggest spike around July when tax returns start entering accounts,” Mr Pascoe said. “The other spike we see is in February, which is not surprising considering Victorians spend a lot of money on Christmas festivities and school holidays in December and January.

“That combined with back to school costs, it would appear that many motorists are delaying servicing their cars until their bank balance can recover a bit,” he said.

The data shows the least popular month for vehicle owners to book a service is November.

RACV advises motorists to always take their vehicles to a licenced service centre for all maintenance work and repairs.



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