RACV launches videos to promote e-scooter safety

RACV External Communications

Posted September 05, 2022

RACV has taken a lead on safety, releasing a suite of videos that outline how to ride e-scooters safely and the rules in place to protect riders and other road users.

The videos are available on the arevo by RACV website's e-scooter page and feature information on the e-scooter trials taking place in the City of Melbourne, Yarra, Port Phillip and Ballarat.

Topics covered in the videos include how to use an e-scooter, traffic rules, what to do to be safe and how to interact with other modes of transport while riding.

RACV General Manager Mobility Elizabeth Kim said there has been more than one million e-scooter trips in Victoria since the trials began this year in February.

“RACV is committed to providing Victorians with a choice on how they get around - whether that is by car, on a bike, walking, public transport or on an e-scooter,” Ms Kim said.

“We want to ensure safety is top of mind for all road users when it comes to e-scooter trials and usage and that’s why we produced these videos available on the arevo by RACV website.

“The videos help Victorians easily understand the rules that apply to e-scooters before they jump on for a ride. The arevo app can also help users plan safe trips around Melbourne using an e-scooter.”

In its efforts to make Victorian roads safe for all modes of transport, RACV has partnered with Lime, an organisation taking part in the Melbourne e-scooter trial.

General Manager of Lime Australia & New Zealand, Hugo Burt-Morris, said that e-scooter rules vary in the different states across Australia, so understanding the laws in Melbourne is important.

“We need to ensure that we continue to communicate all of the rules and safety measures around e-scooters, so that Victorians can use this convenient and cleaner form of transport with full confidence.

“Thanks to their convenience of use and low-emission output, e-scooters are proving to be especially popular in Melbourne.

“Safety and compliance information collected from these trials will help us understand the benefits and risks of e-scooters; including how e-scooters are interacting with other road users and what the optimum rules and regulations should be in the longer term.”


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