Victoria's biggest community solar and battery offer gets G21 support

RACV External Communications

Posted April 30, 2021

The largest community solar and battery program of its kind in Victoria is launching on 30 April at Colac’s Performing Arts Centre, supported by Victoria’s G21 - Geelong Region Alliance councils.

The purpose of the program is to fast-track renewable energy uptake in the region, to help Victoria achieve its renewable energy target of 50% by 2030, while giving homeowners and businesses access to clean, affordable energy from quality solar and battery systems. 

Community advocacy group Geelong Sustainability selected Mondo and RACV Solar to deliver the Geelong Community Solar Program – a region-wide solar and battery offering for homeowners and businesses in Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Colac Otway, Golden Plains Shire and Queenscliffe.

The program is underpinned by significant investment and delivers value both for the buyer and funding directly back into the community. The region covers some 370,000 people across 9,000 km2.

Both RACV Solar and Mondo are leaders in renewable technology and are working alongside not-for-profit Geelong Sustainability.

“Geelong Sustainability is proud to lead the region-wide Geelong Community Solar Program in partnership with a wide range of supporting organisations,” said David Spear, Executive Officer, GreenLight, Geelong Sustainability’s provider of sustainability services. “It will engage people in our communities to take charge of their energy usage through education and implementing renewable energy in their homes and businesses.”

Andy McCarthy, CEO of RACV Solar said: “Many Victorians are concerned about using energy in a sustainable and cost-effective way. RACV is investing strongly in renewable energy solutions to help build resilience across regional Victoria. We see this program as a commitment to help provide a cleaner, safer, more sustainable and affordable future for the local communities in the region, while supporting local jobs and the economy.”

Jodie Hallam, General Manager Energy Services, Mondo, agreed. “This energy transition is being led by consumers,” she said. “Their desire to contribute to a sustainable future and to reduce costs for their homes and businesses, is driving demand for more sustainable, innovative and resilient energy systems. Mondo is here to help customers through this transition and create the decentralised energy system of the future. We are delighted that Geelong Sustainability selected us along with RACV Solar – consumers can be confident that together we will deliver the very best to the region.”

Local communities are also set to benefit. For every system installed through the program, one solar panel will be donated to go towards an installation on a local community facility – up to 5 not-for-profit organisations will be selected by Geelong Sustainability to receive the donation in collaboration with local program partners.

You can find out more about the program here:


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