RACV encourages Victorians to make bike riding a long-term trend

RACV External Communications

Posted December 13, 2021

RACV is calling for Victorians to maintain the trend that has seen a boom in bike riding over the last two years, citing benefits for health, daily commuting, and the economy.

On the back of significant infrastructure spending and lifestyle changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, bike-riding is on the rise.

In Victoria, while cycling in the city dropped off due to working from home arrangements, bike use outside the city doubled compared to pre-pandemic numbers, according to We Ride Australia.

RACV General Manager arevo Mobility Elizabeth Kim said the “perfect storm” of events had inspired a surging interest in one of societies oldest forms of transport.

“The pandemic, in addition to some work that has gone into bicycle infrastructure, has created an ideal atmosphere for people to either get on a bike for the first time, or dust off the one in the garage,” Ms Kim said.

The surge in bike riding was not limited to just Victoria. A 2021 study from We Ride Australia showed that 1.7 million bikes were purchased across the nation in 2020, with a further 4.1 million Australian adults spending money on cycling-related goods and services.

According to We Ride, exercise and fitness was the most common reason to ride a bike at 82 per cent, while 41 per cent used their bike as their main mode of transport for work, school or shopping.

In addition to the health and convenience benefits, the raw numbers for what cycling does for the economy cannot be underestimated.

We Ride Australia found that cycling’s direct industry output as part of the Australian economy was $6.3 billion in 2020, supporting 34,295 full-time jobs.

“There’s a clear message being sent that people are looking for affordable, sustainable ways to not only get from A-to-B but also to exercise and enjoy the incredible views around the state,” Ms Kim said.

“RACV is here to foster that enthusiasm and lend our voice and services to ensure that those who jumped on a bike for the first time during the pandemic make bike riding a part of their weekly routine long after COVID-19 restrictions are over.”

arevo by RACV has recently announced two exciting new partnerships, bringing together arevo’s market-leading bike journey planner with reciprocal offers, content and benefits for members of both BikeExchange and AusCycling.

“We’re really proud of the service arevo provides. We believe that it’s services like ours that are providing safer and more enjoyable experiences for bike riders around Victoria and contributing to the rise in bike riding,” Ms Kim said.

arevo is a journey planner with a unique bike map feature that uses the latest cycling infrastructure, bike and road data in Melbourne, and lets users choose quieter or faster routes, helping you ride with confidence.

RACV’s arevo app is available to download for free in the App Store or Google Play. 


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