RACV offers advice for Victorians encountering potholes

RACV External Communications

Posted November 02, 2022

RACV has urged Victorian motorists to exercise caution on the road following heavy rain and flooding across the state.

Heavy rain has contributed to flooding on metro and regional roads, as well as causing potholes, presenting hazards for car drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists.

RACV Head of Policy, James Williams, said it was important road users were aware of the changed conditions brought about by the extreme weather event.

“Victorians would be acutely aware of how quickly weather conditions can change – they would also know that the recent storms can have a significant impact on our roads,” Mr Williams said.

Rain is a key factor in how potholes form. The state has experienced an increase in rainfall and severe weather events in 2022 as a result of a La Niña weather phase.

RACV is urging caution for motorists encountering potholes, which can pose a safety hazard and cause damage to your vehicle.

“If you do encounter trouble while out on the road, you’ll be in safe hands with your coverage under RACV’s Emergency Roadside Assist,” Mr Williams said.

Silvia Morris, Senior Instructor for RACV Drive School, said the dangers of potholes should not be underestimated. 

“Large potholes have the potential to cause severe damage to your tyres, wheels, suspension, exhaust and/or vehicle body, and in some cases can even lead to drivers losing control of their vehicle,” Ms Morris said.  

“Even small ones can cause wear and tear to your vehicle’s suspension and steering which can be costly.” 

“When you do encounter a pothole, avoid sudden breaking and dangerous swerving into oncoming traffic. Keep a firm control of the steering wheel – which can be jolted with impact.

“If you do hit a pothole and you’re concerned about potential damage to your vehicle, pull over to a safe space and contact RACV Emergency Roadside Assist on 131111 for assistance.”

Flooded roads and deep puddles are also a factor following rain.

“Some puddles can be hiding large potholes underneath them, so you should avoid driving over puddles where possible, and never drive through floodwaters,” Ms Morris said.  


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