RACV's environmental policy

RACV is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner while improving its environmental performance. RACV will also support our members ‘On the road’, ‘In the home’, and through ‘Travel and leisure’ activities to reduce, be aware of and consider environmental impacts.

RACV’s environmental performance: RACV will continue to operate in an environmentally responsible manner in the conduct of its business by:

  • Working towards minimising our use of resources including energy and water;
  • Working towards minimising our net greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Working towards minimising waste generation through adopting the principles ‘Avoid, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’;
  • Encouraging public transport use, cycling, car pooling, car sharing and pedestrian access to and between RACV sites;
  • Ensuring corporate responsibility is relevant through the procurement of products, services and compliance;
  • Incorporating environmental considerations into the design and construction of all new buildings and renovations of existing structures;
  • Preserving and enhancing flora and fauna on RACV properties, with particular emphasis on indigenous vegetation.

On the road: RACV will advocate and provide information for more environmentally sustainable transport options by:

  • Advocating on behalf of members for:
    • Fuels and vehicles that are less polluting;
    • Regulatory mechanisms to reduce environmental impacts of the vehicle fleet;
    • Improved transport options such as car share and car pooling;
    • Improved public transport and bicycle infrastructure, systems and access.
  • Having clear positions on current environmental issues relating to transport;
  • Making information available about behaviours to reduce environmental impacts of motoring.

Travel and leisure: RACV will provide opportunities for members to have environmentally friendly experiences by:

  • Ensuring Resorts and Club locations are operating in an environmentally responsible manner through efficient management of energy, water, waste, procurement and biodiversity;
  • Ensuring Resorts and Club engage with local community groups around environmental considerations;
  • Providing members and guests with an opportunity to engage with the local flora and fauna and behave in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Providing transport advocacy and information to members when travelling to and from destinations.

In your home: RACV will provide credible home energy and efficiency information and advocacy by:

  • Providing tools to enable members to understand energy bills to assist in transparency and getting a better deal;
  • Providing information on alternative energy sources such as green energy or solar power;
  • Providing information on energy efficiency within the home;
  • Providing information to manage home energy consumption efficiently to reduce costs and environmental impact.