RACV stats show batteries also don't like Mondays

If you struggle to get going on a Monday morning you’re not alone.

New RACV data shows most car batteries also fail on the first day of the working week.

In the past 12 months, RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance patrols replaced more than 105,000 batteries across Victoria, with almost 18,000 of those sold to members on a Monday.

RACV’s Manager, Vehicle Engineering, Michael Case said there was a very simple reason behind the anomaly.

“Car batteries work best when they’re used regularly, so when you park your car for an extended period, usually on weekends, that’s when problems are more likely to occur,” Mr Case explained.

“In a two-car household for example, one vehicle may not be driven on the weekend, so on Monday morning a battery fault can occur.”

Mr Case said motorists could do a few simple things to extend the life of their vehicle’s battery and avoid making Mondays worse.

“Make sure your headlights and interior lights are off before leaving your car and ensure all the doors are closed properly,” he said.

“Most new vehicles come with sensors and warning devices to alert you if you leave the headlights on, some even turn off automatically.”

Mr Case also explained that batteries are more prone to fail in winter, but it is summer when they receive the most damage.

“The damage is due to the higher temperatures accelerating the internal chemistry of the battery which degrades the plates more rapidly,” he said.

“This in turn reduces the ability of the battery to start the vehicle. Winter starting requires about double the energy of summer starting.”

RACV recommends motorists check their car battery regularly, and if unsure of your battery condition take your car to a licenced vehicle workshop for a safety check.

If you need RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance call 13 11 11. It’s available 24/7 Australia-wide.

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Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
December 02, 2019