Election 2016: Action on Victoria's priority road & transport projects

27 May, 2016

Victoria’s leading transport advocate RACV is asking voters to choose a Federal Government that prioritises road and transport infrastructure investment in return for the $28 billion Australians pay in taxes and other motoring charges every year.

RACV General Manager Public Policy, Brian Negus said the future strength of Australia’s economy depends on a solid commitment to road and public transport infrastructure spending from whichever party wins the federal election.

“Three key city shaping projects that are vital for Melbourne are the North East Link to complete the Metropolitan Ring Road, the Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel and the Western Distributor.”

“The missing North East Link in the ring road is a vital piece of infrastructure and of national significance. The completed ring road will provide a faster and more direct route between the north and east of Melbourne.

“The Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel would provide significantly better rail access to the central city and in conjunction with additional train services, allow for many more people to use public transport.

“The Western Distributor project would benefit voters that use the Western Ring Road and West Gate Freeway to travel to and around the Melbourne CBD. The project will add extra lanes to the freeway and provide an alternative to the West Gate Bridge,” Mr Negus said.

RACV is asking every Australian to go to the keepaustraliamoving.com website to find out who their major party candidates are and then send those candidates a message asking for a firm promise to improve roads and transport in return for their vote.

RACV and the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) have launched the Keep Australia Moving campaign with the message that Australians expect an ongoing and sustainable longer-term investment commitment in transport infrastructure.

AAA Chief Executive, Michael Bradley said to date motorists right around the country had been getting a very bad deal, with very little of their $28 billion in taxes and other motoring charges being spent on roads and public transport infrastructure.

“Australian jobs and Australian business are dependent on the development of a more effective road and transport system. For this reason every politician should consider themselves on notice ahead of polling day on July 2.

“RACV, AAA and the sister clubs around the country agree that we cannot have a strong and sustainable economy of the future with the transport systems of the past,” Mr Bradley said.

“Effective and efficient transport systems, including roads and public transport will continue to be the lifeblood of not only Victoria’s economy, but the economy of the nation,” Mr Negus said.

“We demand whichever party wins the election to work with all state and territory governments to deliver the infrastructure that will make our communities more liveable and economically stronger.”

RACV's priority projects for Victoria

  • North East Link to complete the Metropolitan Ring Road
  • Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel
  • Western Distributor
  • Regional highway duplications and safety improvements
  • Shepparton Bypass
Written by Lynette Keogh, RACV Public Affairs, 03 9790 2572
May 27, 2016